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Forgetting your formula and calculator?
Not your problem anymore.

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making formula and calculator easy to find and use
by Apolinario (Sam) Ortega, founder of invbat.com

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INVBAT.COM one touch search platform
for combine formula and calculator

INVBAT.COM is helping students, teachers, and employees to create their customize voice calculator apps for only $2.00 per month using their smartphone.

INVBAT.COM are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as EC2-Linux, EBS and S3 cloud technology managed by Bitnami Cloud Hosting and Yahoo web hosting in order to serve their growing number of daily users. So if you need to create your customize voice calculator apps using your smartphone just subscribe to invbat.com

We will send you via e-mail your customize voice calculator subscription code within two to seven days from receipt of your order. For example enter subscription code number 283 in input box shown below, "How to calculate or show me the". You will see one touch search button of my customize calculator. Try the same access code using your smartphone by visiting invbat.com using your smartphone. If your smartphone have microphone, you can do voice search by saying "two hundred eighty three" next press the search button or say two - eight - three. If the voice to text translation is not correct , you need to train your smartphone by repetition. Or you can just type the access code 283.

INVBAT.COM is creating a library of combine formula and calculator apps that never existed before, entirely new to the world. Using INVBAT brain assistance tool apps we can use our brain power to discover new solution much faster to our existing and future problem.

What is an apps ? Apps is a shorten word for applications. It is usually a combination of various programming code like html, html5, css, javascript and many more created to multiply the ability of human brain to do computational analysis, evaluation, and ultimately to be used for enjoyment, decision making, and problem solving using internet and cloud technology.

The above definition of what is an apps, is the author's current personal definition. But with the coming of artificial intelligence the manual repetitive task of copying and pasting of programming code seems to be getting automated soon that will multiply again human brain capability to the next level to solve much harder problem that seems impossible before.

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