Vision of INVBAT.COM

INVBAT.COM’s vision is to see more than 3.2 billion people worldwide such as students, working adults, technicians, teachers, instructors, professors, engineers, scientists, and business people who found themselves forgetting mathematical formulas and equation to less likely to say , “ I forgot the mathematical formulas or equation and also I don’t have my scientific calculator … Continue reading “Vision of INVBAT.COM”

Why create

INVBAT.COM was created by Apolinario “Sam” Ortega, currently working at Salt River Project (SRP), a community-based, nonprofit utility and one of the nation’s largest public power utilities in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He works at Electrical Engineering and Asset Optimization department. In his free time at home, he is passionate in pursuing INVBAT.COM since 2009. He … Continue reading “Why create”

Discover the equation between variable A and B using two variable regression

Why is it important to learn how to discover the relationship between two variables? In mathematics any variable letter, for example letter “A” can be assigned to represent something. For example, I will assigned variable letter “A” to represent operating temperature in celcius, °C. Then variable letter “B” , I will assigned to represent the electrical … Continue reading “Discover the equation between variable A and B using two variable regression”

So what if I can’t remember formula and calculator?

I forgot the formula and I don’t have the calculator on hand. Is this also true to you? These are the two problems that INVBAT.COM already solved – combining formula and calculator and make it easy to use. So what if I can’t remember mathematical formula and calculator? Why do I need to care? A … Continue reading “So what if I can’t remember formula and calculator?”