Discover the equation between variable A and B using two variable regression

Discover the equation

Why is it important to learn how to discover the relationship between two variables? In mathematics any variable letter, for example letter “A” can be assigned to represent something. For example, I will assigned variable letter “A” to represent operating temperature in celcius, °C. Then variable letter “B” , I will assigned to represent the electrical current in Ampere  flowing in a machine.  The pair variables are the called the observation data points. If you can discover or derived the equations of your observation data point. Then you can use it to predict or forecast. Let say your new observation is the machine is operating at 64 ° C, can you estimate the expected electrical current flowing in the machine?

Can you imagine now the importance of learning how to discover the equation from data point observation? Remember in a digital economy , like industrial internet of things, you will need to discover the equation in order to design, manipulate, control, operate, maintain, and specify the operating behavior  of your machine. This equation will be converted into computer code to do automation like making notification if the electrical current flow goes down to 5 Ampere.

Author: Apolinario (Sam) Ortega

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