So what if I can’t remember formula and calculator?

I forgot the formula and I don’t have the calculator on hand. Is this also true to you? These are the two problems that INVBAT.COM already solved – combining formula and calculator and make it easy to use.

So what if I can’t remember mathematical formula and calculator? Why do I need to care? A short answer is to have a well paying job in digital and knowledge based economy. A long answer, because you need to remember and understand mathematical formulas in order to demonstrate that you have basic knowledge in information, communication, engineering, finance, accounting, management, and technology in order to become a contributing member in a digital economy, industrial internet of things, big data analytics, cloud technology, and software define network. Manual and repetitive job will be soon become automated and employees will need training. An employee, consultant, or entrepreneur who knows how to use digital tools and software to deliver, sell, warehouse, inventory, troubleshoot, maintain, operate, design, manage, procure, and monitor those machines and workflow processes that uses mathematical formula using Excel, Pi Processbook mathematical expression, and any proprietary software will surely become a contributing member of any digital enterprise.

INVBAT.COM knows how to combine formula and calculator, make it personalize and available on demand using smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to help employees, teachers, and students to transition faster in digital and knowledge based economy. Contact us at and send your useful formula with sample data and we will create your combine formula and calculator. The only requirement is to subscribe for free 30 days trial. Click the subscribe button.

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