Because INVBAT.COM - A.I. + CHATBOT will help you to get personalized memory assistant as your augmented intelligence that will help you to get a high paying job for example in factory automation, building automation, electric vehicle and driverless car manufacturing, maintenance, and repair, smart electric grid system, smart cities, autonomous system, robotics, and future human + artificial intelligence collaboration. All these higher-paying jobs will require greater levels of education, training and very large on demand personal memory assistant of your collected knowledge.

Subscribe now to start growing your personal memory assistant chatbot as your augmented intelligence. It will help you learn in your own very fast and help you prepare for higher paying job today and for the future.

Your personal memory assistant or augmented intelligence will help your brain to accomplish previously impossible task such as learning new technology faster and 98% never forget guaranteed. It will help you to have fast computing power using combine formula and calculator, you can remember on demand your stored collected technical FAQ and work procedure just by asking your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer to get quick answer on the fly. Your brain needs augmented intelligence powered by cloud technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence due to rapid technology advancement.

All you need to do is subscribe to invbat.com - AI and start acquiring useful information then stored them in the cloud.

After paying online your annual subscription, you can start sending e-mail to admin@invbat.com your favorite calculator number from our available calculator database for subscription. You can send your work or school formula and equation for easy access using smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop, desktop and smart tv. Also you can send your work procedure and frequently ask questions and don't forget to provide your answer to your question. Your favorite collection of You Tube channel and Vimeo video. Then we will create and manage your personal memory assistant , another term for your personal augmented intelligent assistant.

REMEMBER COPYRIGHT LAW BEFORE YOU STORE YOUR COLLECTED DIGITAL FILES. Anyone found to have infringed a copyrighted work may be liable for statutory damages up to $30,000 for each work infringed

Example of copyrights notice

You will receive your personal memory assistant chatbot id number via e-mail from admin@invbat.com. It usually takes 2 to 7 days to create and deploy in the cloud your personal chatbot id number. To retrieve your chatbot id number just type it or say it in input box.

There is no user name and password required. Just your assigned personal chatbot id number for example and

If You Forgot Your Chatbot ID Number

If you forgot your personal chatbot ID number just search your e-mail address in bigger input search box and you will see your chatbot ID number. You can also you use the smaller input box but remember don't type @ in input box because it will not work. For example: samxcl@yahoo.com , Enter only samxcl yahoo.com in search box. If you forgot chatbot ID number you can also find it from our payment confirmation e-mail.

REMINDER: subscription service is for one year, if you don't renew , your chatbot ID number will be re-assigned to new subscriber.

To Subscribe Simply Make a Payment Using PayPal or Credit Card

You will get order confirmation e-mail from admin@invbat.com notifying you that your chatbot assigned number is now active similar to notification shown below.

$2 per month for first 1000 subscriber . Why $2 per month? Because we expect to get additional revenue from advertising.



Enter you search. Then click button two or more click search

relevance and ranking search (old search algorithm).

exact match NLP new advance search algorithm

no comma, apostrophe ' and question mark ? symbol in search box

Our expert system training labels are numbers, keywords, phrases, and FAQ. We discovered how to train our NLP using one training data to make one click search possible.